Pomeranian Training

Pomeranians are very lively and energetic dog breed. Along with that they are very intelligent and very clever. This helps very much while training them. As they are always ready to learn new tricks but the only problem one can face is they are so energetic that it gets real hard to keep up with them bouncing around them like they do.

Training Pomeranians when they’re small is very easy task but it is very much necessary to keep an eye over them as they grow. You have to make them feel that you are the leader and she has to follow your command. If you fail in this then it will become havoc for you as she would start jumping all around your house and even as well not follow your commands. So, it is very much necessary that you make them feel that you are the leader and you are the one who will give orders to them not the other way around.

The another factor which you need to keep in mind is treat your pet like it’s your family member. Do not try to be a bad boss as no one likes them, right? You just want to train your puppies in certain manner and with certain skills. You don’t want to make them feel like they’re some sort of prisoners. You don’t want to scare them and ruin their freedom. You want to treat them correctly and fairly for that reason it is very important to make them feel like they’re a part of family after all they’re also living beings and they also feel everything you do to them.

Communication is very important while training your Pomeranian. If you can communicate your message to them in a good manner then they’ll follow it as you wish. For that reason it must to communicate with them properly and make them understand about what you want them to do and how you wish to get it done. If you and your Pom can form a good connection between each other then it becomes really easy to train them.

Reward system work the best. In any situation in life, a reward system work the best always. And the same happens in this case as well. If you provide a reward to your Pomeranian if she does the task correctly then she will learn quicker. A reward can be anything which your puppy like it can be extra food, a extra walk, a free roaming time, or anything else which your pet prefers. But, make sure that you keep the same reward or your Pom will get confused and won’t do the task which you want her to do.

Make a proper plan & a proper system and stick to it. Changing everything again and again will confuse them and will provide bad results. Love them and care for them which will allow you to train them and also enjoy your time spent with them. Make them know that you love them and care for them and they would feel the same for you.

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Pomeranian Training – Controlling Yappiness

There are a few key elements involved with Pomeranian training that may differ from your average dog training techniques. Pomeranians are curious, energetic and excitable. They can have a short attention span because they just have so much playing and exploring to do, so teaching them one thing at a time is important. Pomeranians are excellent alarm dogs. If their yappiness is kept under control, you will have a very good watch dog. The yappy Pomeranian often barks at everyone and everything, but there are dog training techniques to keep this behavior under control.

The number one thing that you can do to quash yappiness is to socialize them. Pomeranian training should include introductions to people, places and pets. The more they meet, the more they will feel comfortable with. The Pomeranian is a suspicious little dog and often develops a yappy reaction to all that it finds strange. Have friends come over, take them with you on errands and keep them engaged. Not only will you socialize them, but you will strengthen your bond and solidify your Pomeranian training.

Come when Called
Pomeranian training, like all dog training, must have a foundation. You will have a hard time teaching your dog anything if they don’t respond to you. For a Pomeranian, this is your first step in controlling yappiness. When your Pomeranian begins to bark incessantly, instead of yelling at them (which just perpetuates the behavior), give them the command to come to you. When they do come, praise them and redirect the negative barking behavior to something more suitable like a toy.

Because of their compact size, you can bring your Pomeranian with you to many places. They are a fantastic lap dog. If they are yapping, you can call them to you and praise them for coming to you by holding and petting them for a bit. Having them come when called reliably will also allow you to keep tabs on your fast and feisty Pomeranian.

One Command at a Time
Keep is simple. This is also a key factor for. One word cues work best; “come, etc. Remember that you are teaching these commands one at a time. Start with “come” and work on it every day for a week till it is ingrained in your Pomeranian’s head. Once they are doing that command reliably, move on to the next command. Eventually your dog training will create a well behaved little Pomeranian.

You can use bark collars or ultrasonic devices, but these are not permanent fixes like Pomeranian training is. They only work when the device is on and in some cases are considered cruel. Plus, a Pomeranian is delicate and such “no barking” devices can be detrimental to their health. They might not even be effective. For instance, if you did try a shock collar because of their thick double layered coat they may never feel the shock when they barked.

Dog training can control the yappy behavior, but remember that the Pomeranian is an excellent watch dog and a certain amount of barking is okay. The Pomeranian develops a close bond with its family and tries its best to protect them. They alarm bark when they perceive a threat. It is when they bark to an excess that the Pomeranian training comes in handy.

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Three Tips for Effective Pomeranian Training

The Pomeranian breed is highly perceptive of the words and mannerisms of its handlers. When training your Pomeranian try to use the same words consistently. Training your Pomeranian puppy doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Based on advice from expert Pomeranian breeder Jerrie Freia, these three simple tips will jumpstart your dog’s training. By following this sage advice, before you know it your Pomeranian will be trained like the best.Our first tip is simply consistency. Consistency in every aspect of your Pomeranian’s training. This holds particularly true when it comes to housebreaking your dog. Be consistent in the route and door you use to take your puppy outdoors. It doesn’t matter which one you use, provided that you always use the same word or phrase.

Consistently use the same positive words and body language when encouraging your Pomeranian to potty outdoors. Be consistent in setting the kitchen clock and bringing your puppy outside again twenty minutes after it first relieves itself. Being consistent in all these aspects of your Pomeranian’s training is the key to fast and effective results. You will find that this important first tip will quickly pay back in dividends.Second, always ensure that you use both positive words and positive body language when training your dog.  The choice of words is not near as important as consistently using the same word. Concerning body language, it is important to remember that your puppy will quickly pick up on both positive and negative visual cues from you.

Thus, it is very important to watch your mannerisms throughout the training process. Always keep an inviting demeanor. Instead of placing your hands on your hips, consider bending your head and kneeling over to encourage your dog. By doing so you will quickly discover that your puppy will become more receptive to your training methods. Such positive body language and words also work wonders when training second-home and rescue Pomeranians. Our third tip for effective Pomeranian training is to ensure you have the proper amount of time to train a new puppy. If you don’t have time for a puppy this month, simply don’t get it. Don’t. Put it off until you can promise that dog you have the time to commit to its development. The first two weeks are the most important.

Puppies under a year old cannot possibly be expected to hold it for twelve hours or longer. Get a dog-walker if you must. But, even more importantly, simply ensure you have the time to commit before getting a puppy. The amount of time you spend training your Pomeranian is one of the most significant factors of any training program.To sum it up, training your Pomeranian doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Always be consistent in your training methods. Use positive language, both verbally and physically. Ensure you have the time to commit prior to getting your puppy. Using these three tips, you’ll quickly be on your way to accomplishing effective Pomeranian training.Tracy Barbadanikios has studied the pomeranian dog breed for many years.


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